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IT Employee Confidentiality Agreement Template

IT Support Employee Confidentiality Agreement template* The overall benefit of a confidentiality agreement is to protect proprietary information of a business by restricting an employee or client from sharing that information with anyone. As most IT employees have the administrative rights to users files, network locations and systems, it is vital that all IT staff are Read More

IT Document Template

IT Document Template (ITS Department or Desktop Support). We all know that IT engineers are not renowned for creating the most visually appealing support documentation. In order to give a good starting point Iv created a general document template. this will standardize and give a general look of structure to IT documents. The template can be used for almost Read More

Desktop Support / Service Desk KPI Template

Sample Desktop Support KPI Template (Goals) The below Objectives where put together as a baseline for you to build on. I have used a S.M.A.R.T goal setting template to assist your engineers to better understand what is needed. For me the key to Objectives/KPI’s and Goals is to focus on the value added to the business Read More

The New User Setup Checklist template

The New User Setup Checklist Is probably one of the single most important documents in ensuring that all new users are setup in a consistent and thorough fashion, This in turn ensures that the user has faith in the IT team and in some way the user is made to feel welcome. There are a few Read More

Scheduled outage notification email template

Scheduled outage notification template (Email) In the event of a scheduled outage it is good practice to send out consistent and regular communications to the business. This raises the users awareness, lowers the chances that users will log a request or outage during this window and will also give users the opportunity to highlight any risk Read More