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How to perform a system level factory reset of a Samsung Note 3 or Note 4

PERFORM A FACTORY RESET WIPING ENTIRE PHONE This should return your device to “out-of-the-box” newness (remove ext SDcard) Turn off device Simultaneously hold VOL UP, HOME, POWER Release POWER when you see the Note logo Release VOL UP & HOME when you see the System Recovery screen VOL UP after warning Using VOL DOWN choose WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET Select using POWER button Using VOL DOWN choose “Delete ALL User Data” Read More

Really reset a blackberry to factory defaults

How to do a real Factory Defaults Reset on a Blackberry Probably the only tool you will ever need to reset your blackberry to factory defaults is JL_Cmder, This handy little tool is a Java based app which allows you to do the low-level reset required in order to remove IT policies. You can even Read More