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IT Employee Confidentiality Agreement Template

IT Support Employee Confidentiality Agreement template* The overall benefit of a confidentiality agreement is to protect proprietary information of a business by restricting an employee or client from sharing that information with anyone. As most IT employees have the administrative rights to users files, network locations and systems, it is vital that all IT staff are Read More

Fully Reset Users Windows Profile

Fully Reset Users Windows Profile Sometime the only fix is to do a full reset of the user’s profile, Iv seen this mainly with Offline file and folder sync issues, random app issues or general issues where it works when logged on as another user but won’t work as the current user. Log on as local Read More

Desktop Support / Service Desk KPI Template

Sample Desktop Support KPI Template (Goals) The below Objectives where put together as a baseline for you to build on. I have used a S.M.A.R.T goal setting template to assist your engineers to better understand what is needed. For me the key to Objectives/KPI’s and Goals is to focus on the value added to the business Read More

4 ways to speed up your PC

4 ways to speed up your PC By following a few simple guidelines, you can maintain your computer, help increase your PC speed, and help keep it running smoothly. This article discusses how to use the tools available in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Service Pack 3 to help make your computer faster, maintain Read More

Windows Fax and Scan Cannot Run

Windows Fax and Scan Cannor Run as it cannot run as it cannot access your documents folder. Please ensure that windows Fax and Scan can access that folder.   Step 1: Disable Windows Fax and Scan To turn a feature off in earlier versions of Windows, you had to uninstall it completely from your computer. Read More

Desktop Support Key Functions SOP

Desktop Support Key Function Guideline and Process overview (SOP) Desktop Support provides computer and information systems support for all staff members.  The purpose of this update is to describe the basic level of service that will be guaranteed. Scope “Desktop support” is defined as any queries made by end users to the Desktop support regarding Read More