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Top 10 Show Commands for Cisco Routers

The Absolute top 10 show Commands Everybody Needs To Know in Cisco Routers Some commands in the Cisco router configuration are just irreplaceable. The ‘show’ commands are the most widely used in Cisco routers. Here is a list of the 10 mostly used of these ‘show’ commands. 1. show running-config This command is your true Read More

EIGRP tunnel template Cisco

Cisco tunnel template – EIGRP Below is a tunnel template used to provide a single site failover between two remote locations. interface Tunnel[SITE TUNNEL KEY] description —- [SITE] & [REMOTE SITE] —- ip address [SITE TUNNEL IP] ip flow ingress tunnel source [LOCAL PROVIDER INTERFACE IP] tunnel destination [SITE PROVIDER IP] tunnel key [TUNNEL KEY] Read More

Avaya Site Administrator commands

Avaya Site Administrator commands To make changes to basic Extensions Change Station 0000 (Where 0000 is the extension number) Show a list of extensions between two ranges List Station ext 0000 to-ext 0000  (Where 0000 is the extension number) To view or change coverages Change Coverage Path 000 (Where 000 is the Coverage Path Number) Change Read More