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Steel Keylogger Record Computer Keystrokes

Steel Keylogger is a keylogger that is virtually invisible to all the common anti-virus software today, helping you keep it running stealthily.
Also, it does not connect to the Internet so your data is safe. This program is a simple one and has no Web site,
but the file is widely available on most torrent sites. Just search for Steel Keylogger and download the file.

The downloaded program will include two files that are under 40 kilobytes, which makes the keylogger not only functional, safe but also small in size.
There is no need to install Steel Keylogger onto your own system, thereby bypassing another concern most people have keyloggers: the inability to uninstall them.

To start using the application, right click on the Steel.exe file and choose Run as administrator.
Allow the process to run, this would launch the Steel Keylogger program.

The Steel Keylogger interface is as simple as it gets. The interface has the following four partitions:
•a Log Window that shows the keystrokes for the last 30 seconds,
•an option to Hide or Stop the program,
•a tickbox to enable or disable logging the contents of the clipboard,
•a status window.

To make full use of the Steel Keylogger program, click on Options and then click on both Auto Startup and Hide on Startup.

You could specify where you would want the program to save logs by clicking on Save Location. Each time your computer is booted up, the Steel Keylogger application is activated and hidden from view, making the user unaware that all of his or her keystrokes are being recorded.

You could come on later and view the logs using Notepad and check on what the user has been doing on your computer while you were away. To call up the interface, use the combination CTRL + SHIFT + F8.

Download Steel Keylogger from HERE