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Speed up Folder loading on Windows

Speed up Folder loading on Local System

If folders take a lot of time to load in Windows, especially when the folder size is quite big. There is a really simple fix to speed up folder loading that should be part of any initial troubleshooting which is done.

  1. Right-click on the folder in question and choose Properties.
  2. On the Properties window, navigate to Customize tab.
  3. Select the General Items or Documents from the drop down in “Optimise this folder for” drop down
  4. Check apply this template to all sub folders.
  5. Click Apply and Ok.

Rebuild the Index

The indexing of files and folders can get messy and slow over time with the addition and deletion of data. It is a good idea to manually rebuild the index to help speed up file and folder loading. This will also help if you are finding searching taking longer than normal.

  1. Click on Start menu and type index.
  2. Select Indexing Options
  3. In the Indexing Options window. Click on Advanced.
  4. In the Advanced Options dialog box, click the Index Settings tab
  5. Click Rebuild.

This will take a bit of time so would be best to try to do this overnight or when the user is able to leave the machine to index. Generally if you tell the user this will help speed up his or her system, they will give all the time you need.