Simple way to gain access to Encrypted CSC

What is the CSC folder:

The C:\\ Windows\CSC folder used by the windows to keep the cache of the files and folder for which offline files feature is enabled. Windows does not display them in default configure because it treats this folder as system file.

To see this folder the user need to follow the following path:

Explorer Tools Folder Option View

Then check the “show hidden files/folder” checkbox.

How to reset permissions and access the Windows CSC Folder.

  1. Download TakeOwnershipExe Here
  2. After downloading, extract the contents of the ZIP file to a folder on your desktop.
  3. In the extracted folder, execute the .exe file to open the TakeOwnershipEx application. Once opened, follow the wizard and install it like any other application.
  4. Once installed, Click Start, Double Click on TakeOwnershipEx
  5. When prompted enter Local administrator Credentials.
  6. When prompted click “Take Ownership”

7. Browse to the CSC folder and Click Ok (It will take time – Be patient)

8. Once Completed you will receive a confirmation prompt

9. Open Windows Explorer and browse to “C:\Windows\CSC” you will be prompted for credentials. Click Continue.

10. When Prompted, Enter the same Local admin credentials you used to take ownership with.
11. You will now have full access to all the sub folders contained.