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Really reset a blackberry to factory defaults

JL_Cmder Start ScreenHow to do a real Factory Defaults Reset on a Blackberry

Probably the only tool you will ever need to reset your blackberry to factory defaults is JL_Cmder, This handy little tool is a Java based app which allows you to do the low-level reset required in order to remove IT policies. You can even remove the devices OS all together, really handy for some Corrupt OS after failed update scenarios (507 Error)

To do a full factory defaults reset on a blackberry:

  1. Download JL_Cmder v1.9.3 Here
  2. Connect your blackberry with the USB cable to your computer
  3. Extract the JL_Cmder to a directory
  4. Run the JL_Cmder.cmd
  5. Press Any key to continue.
  6. You will then be asked if your device is protected with a password, (press Y or N). If Yes enter the devices password
  7. To reset your blackberry to reset to factory defaults, press “5”
  8. Type blackberry on your computer and hit enter
  9. Your Blackberry will reboot and begin the wipe.

Note: DO NOT Press 4, this will completely remove the operating system from the blackberry and you will then need to reinstall from

After having completed this step, your blackberry will be completely cleared of any stubborn security policies, or hidden apps that may have been installed. You will be left with a “As New” Blackberry OS that is now 100% factory defaults.

WARNING: JL_Cmder for blackberry should be used with extreme caution . Mistakes might “brick” your blackberry. I take no responsibility.


blackberry 507 ERRORJL_Cmder can also be used to fix the dreaded Error 507 error. we follow the same process as above except select option “4”. This effectively erases the OS and will then allow you to use the blackberry desktop software to do an OS reinstalled.