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Public holidays in South Africa 2022

How to add Public Holidays to Outlook

South Africa has quite a few public holidays, so its pretty awesome that Outlook comes with a predefined list of holidays for South Africa You can import the SA holidays by going to

  • Tools
  • Options
  • Calendar Options
  • Add Holidays

As for most things with Outlook, there are multiple ways to add more. One is to create your own holiday file and add it (Not Recommended). Another is to simply enter them manually into the calendar and assign to them the Holiday category (or not, if you don’t want the category).


Public Holidays





New Year’s Day Tue  1st Jan Wed  1st Jan Fri  1st Jan Sat  1st Jan
Human Rights Day +
Public Holiday
Thu 21st Mar Sat 21st Mar Sun 21st Mar
Mon 22nd Mar
Mon 21st Mar
Easter Weekend: Good Friday +
Easter Monday / Family Day
Fri 19th Apr
Mon 22nd Apr
Fri 10th Apr
Mon 13th Apr
Fri  2nd Apr
Mon  5th Apr
Fri 15th Apr
Mon 18th Apr
School Holiday +
Freedom Day
Sat 27th Apr Mon 27th Apr Mon 26th Apr
Tue 27th Apr
Wed 27th Apr
Workers Day +
Public Holiday
Wed  1st May Fri  1st May Sat  1st May Sun  1st May
Mon  2nd May
Youth Day +
Public Holiday
Sun 16th Jun
Mon 17th Jun
Tue 16th Jun Wed 16th Jun Thu 16th Jun
School Holiday +
National Women’s Day +
Public Holiday
Fri  9th Aug Sun  9th Aug
Mon 10th Aug
Mon  9th Aug Mon  8th Aug
Tue  9th Aug
Heritage Day Tue 24th Sep Thu 24th Sep Fri 24th Sep Sat 24th Sep
Day of Reconciliation Mon 16th Dec Wed 16th Dec Thu 16th Dec Fri 16th Dec
Christmas Day +
Day of Goodwill +
Public Holiday
Wed 25th Dec
Thu 26th Dec
Fri 25th Dec
Sat 26th Dec
Sat 25th Dec
Sun 26th Dec
Mon 27th Dec
Sun 25th Dec
Mon 26th D