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Prevent Facebook & Twitter from being hacked

Steps to prevent you FACEBOOK account from being hacked!

Recently, there has been a lot of fuss over facebook & twitter accounts getting hacked. I just thought of pointing out some important points to be kept in mind while dealing with this situation.90% of such incidents occur due to carelessness of people who tend to click on suspicious/unknown links. Well I don’t blame them as it is pretty tricky method and depends on how alert a person is. Definitely, by now many of you must have made it a habit to change your password frequently. If not, make it a practice starting from now.

The most frequently used method used to hack accounts is the Fake Login Page method. This method involves Social Engineering. An interesting example involves a situation where hacker sends you messages / E-mails claiming to be a verification agent to prevent your account from getting deleted. Most people fall for such prank E-mails / Messages.

Now I would like to point out some important points to be taken in order to play safe.

» Make it a practice to change your passwords regularly (Never ever write it down somewhere or save it as someone may stumble upon it and access your account)

» Do not use the same password for different accounts, i.e., maintain different passwords for your gmail, yahoo, facebook etc. This reduces the risk on other accounts, in case one account gets hacked.

» Never click on links that come from unknown sources through mail or into your social networking accounts. Some may claim to be some kind of verification. In such cases when you click on the link, check your address bar to verify the link that appears. You will most probably know how the sites normal links should look, if you find the links slightly different from the usual login page, never login to that page.

» Always make it a practice to logout every session instead of the just closing the window.

» Whenever you come across suspicious mails or links, report them to the concerned services or hosting so as to prevent them from causing any further damage to other users.

» When you risk your account, you are risking your friends too. So make sure to inform your friends in case any such incidents occur.

Following the above mentioned tips can help you from getting hacked. Most of these hackers exploit your carelessness. So stay alert, play safe