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Out of Office Template Email IT Department

Out of Office Template GraphicOut of Office Template (Email) – IT Department

I cannot tell you how many times iv seem these long-winded Out of office messages. Giving details on fault logging process, where the person is going, etc. or The out of office is a cut and paste from an out of office they received somewhere along the line and its full of errors. Iv even seen in a cut and paste where the engineer has a signature from another employee. This Out of Office template was designed because clearly something as simple as an Out of Office message is something that is often overlooked by a lot of engineers.

As an IT Department it is critical that all our communications are professional and standardised, an Out of office message should not be any different. Generally OOO (Out Of Office) replies should be as short as possible and only give contact details for Service Desk.

Below is a template for a standard IT Department Out of Office reply. and should read as outlined below.

Template Start

Good Day.

Thank you for your mail, I am currently out of the office until [DATE BACK].

Should you require any assistance before my return, please contact the IT ServiceDesk via email [FAULT LOGGING ADDRESS] or on [FAULT LOGGING NUMBER].

Kindest Regards, [NAME]


Template End