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The New User Setup Checklist template

Desk-Working-AreaThe New User Setup Checklist Is probably one of the single most important documents in ensuring that all new users are setup in a consistent and thorough fashion, This in turn ensures that the user has faith in the IT team and in some way the user is made to feel welcome. There are a few key common sense points to be aware of is (1) No equipment should be sitting directly on the floor and (2) equipment should be setup in the “Non Working Area” wherever possible.

The main reason for these two points are to mitigate some risk by (1) keeping equipment off the floor in the event of a small flood, Over excited office cleaner or general minor water related mishap that might damage equipment directly on the floor. (2) By keeping equipment out of the users Working area’s there is less chance of the user fiddling or damaging equipment by mistake.

The below is a unformated list of the XLS available here.

Template Start:

New user setup Checklist

  1. Has the machine been reimaged before giving it to the user?
  2. Is the SCCM client is installed?
  3. Any unknown devices in Device manager?
  4. Machines general condition is good and no damage?
  5. Machine is clean and has no old or incorrect labels?
  6. Workstation/Dock is positioned safely outside of the users working area?
  7. Workstation/Dock is not placed directly on the floor?
  8. Monitor/Monitors have been adjusted to the users satisfaction?
  9. IP Phone has been connected and is booted ready for extension logon?
  10. Computer has been labelled (Hostname & Users name)
  11. Network and Power cables are out of sight and in desk cavities
  12. Peripheral cables (Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor) are neatly strapped
  13. Keyboard and mouse are both able to reach the usual and occasional work areas.
  14. Users Monitor/s powered on and set to the same height?
  15. Monitor/s layout is correct and resolution is at its highest?
  16. Induction sheet been given to the user
  17. User is able to logon using details on induction sheet
  18. User has changed logon password (Avoid using the @ Symbol)
  19. Users keyboard layout is correct for the region
  20. Nearest printer is installed as default and the user has been shown its location
  21. 2nd Printer installed as backup and the user has been shown its location
  22. P: Drive is created and accessible (Personal Share)
  23. My documents location is pointing to the users P: Drive Location
  24. Test folder created in my documents showing in users P drive.
  25. W: Drive is visible and accessible (Company Share)
  26. Citrix Client is signed on with applications published
  27. Citrix applications have been tested and the user is aware of where to find apps
  28. Users email account is setup in Outlook
  29. Email Archive is working and syncing for the user
  30. Have you shown the user how to Store and Restore items from the archive
  31. Mailbox Limits and Archiving process has been explained to the user
  32. Instant Messaging Client is signed in and working
  33. Antivirus Client is updated and full scan has been completed.
  34. User has been shown how to log on and off of an IP Phone
  35. Have you shown the user how to dial an outside line, international and extension?
  36. Fault and request process sheet has been explained to the user
  37. Hardware allocation sheet explained and signed by user.

Laptop Users

  1. Is the Hard drive encrypted and bitlocker recovery password in AD?
  2. Has an RSA Token been allocated to the user.
  3. Has the user been shown how to connect to VPN.
  4. Have you shown the user how to connect to wireless networks?
  5. Has the user been shown how to dock and undock the laptop?
  6. Have you shown the user how to put the laptop to projector output?
  7. Have you shown the user how to remove the battery?


  1. Has a UPS been connected and is not directly on the floor?


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Template End:

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