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MTN USSD Codes using MDMA

MTN USSD codes

These are the MTN USSD codes to load and query data bundles and other options. This should alleviate the necessity to put the SIM in a regular phone for these actions.

  1. *141# – Balance Enquiry response format: “Y’ello. You have Rxx.xx airtime, xx.xxMB Data, xx MMS and xxx SMS (xx exp dd/mm) remaining.”
  2. *141*<PIN># – Recharge Request
  3. *141*4# – Tariff Analyser and Priceplan Migrations menu
  4. *141*4*0# – Tariff Analyser
  5. *141*4*<Price Plan Option># – Priceplan migration
  6. *141*6*<BundleSize># – Data bundle purchase
  7. *141*6*0# – Data bundle cancellation
  8. *141*6328*<MSISDN># – Me2U Top Up Request
  9. *141*6328*<MSISDN>*<AMOUNT># – Me2U Transfer
  10. *141*7*<BundleSize># SMS bundle purchase
  11. *141*7*0# – SMS bundle cancellation
  12. *141*8# – Yello Fortune Entries

The easiest way to enter these is with a locally developed app called Mdma

MDMA: mobile data monitoring application

MDMA has its own data counters and the ability to connect and disconnect from the internet. You can decide whether you want to use it for occasionally checking your connection or whether you want to use it for keeping track of your internet usage.

Has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit), Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. It should work on Windows 2000 as well.

Currently supports most Huawei, Option, Novatel, Sierra Wireless, ZTE and LongCheer 3G/WCDMA/UMTS modems.
Other modems using the standard AT command set should work too, but functionality will be limited to signal strength, cell IDs and USSD.
Nokia phones are also supported, but functionality is very limited as MDMA can only be used when the phone is not online.
MDMA needs at least one serial (COM) port in order to communicate with the modem, as per screenshot here. Modems with HiLink and other so-called “driverless” firmwares do not provide the required port. In most cases your device can be flashed with a regular firmware.

Please download the program here.