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Guide to Extend your laptop battery life

Extend Laptop Battery LifeFew steps to extend your laptop battery life

Extending your laptops battery life is easier than you think, a lot of the time its more about basic charging and battery care techniques (Tips Below). there are really a few things that impact on battery life like



Load is probably the biggest killer of laptop batteries (Any battery powered device for that matter). Load comes in may different forms.

Devices connected via usb, Anything connected via usb will always draw a little bit of electricity this puts additional power load on your battery, removing them will increase the life of your battery.

Resource Utilisation is other form of load is any CPU, Memory and Harddrive activity all impact on battery life. the harder a laptops component is working the more power it is drawing. so its always best to close anything running in the background like music, downloads, streaming or similar. its important to learn to Single Task when you are trying to extend your laptops battery. multi tasking adds resource utilisation which increases load and uses power.

Tips for reducing load on your laptop to extend battery life.

  1. Reduce the brightness of the screen to the minimum readable level.
  2. Reduce the number of open applications.
  3. Remove peripherals when not in use
  4. Turn off the Wireless, Bluetooth or NFC On-Off buttons when it is not in use.
  5. Turn of any Keyboard backlights
  6. Remove any disks from the CD/DVD Drive.
  7. Make use of Hibernate or Sleep modes when you are not using your laptop
  8. Always use the most appropriate Power Plan


It may not seem like it but heat is the unseen killer of any laptop batteries. Any form of heat will cause a battery to become less efficient, and an inefficient battery will not last as long. its important to ensure you do not expose your battery to any forms of extended overheating, this can happen by working in direct sunlight, working with the laptop directly on your laptop or fluffy blanket or working onto of a heated surface. keep your battery cool to keep it lasting longer.

General Care:

Battery care is very important with any device which has a battery but laptops need a bit more TLC. Never leave a fully charged battery to sit or be stored for a long time, Always discharge the battery to around 60% before packing it away. Don’t forget to take the laptop out every few months to give the battery a proper recharge and discharge cycle.If your laptop is permanently on charge its always best to take it off charge at least twice a month and use the laptop until it drains the battery completely, then give it a full charge and continue with normal use. Always keep your battery cool at all times, overheating or exposing your battery to heat will reduce its efficiency and in turn reduce its lifespan.

When buying a laptop always look for a battery with more cells or one that has a higher Amp Hour or AH rating, more is better 🙂