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HP M6040 CM6030 CM4730 Control Panel Calibration

Int the past we had a few printers (HP M6040 & CM6030) that started showing strange symptoms where the touch screen is either unresponsive or only a section of the screen (Most of the time has been the left hand side) is unresponsive, it may simply need calibration.

The calibration procedure is really simple and electronically aligns the buttons on the touch screen with their correct action. Key point to note is that the calibration will not affect the screen sensitivity it just lines it all up again.


CAUTION: When performing this procedure it is very important to use something blunt (like the eraser end of a pencil) and to not touch any other part of the control panel except where performing the alignment procedure. Incorrectly performing the procedure could result in the touch screen buttons not working at all or being mapped to the wrong functions.

NOTE: For accurate calibration, use an eraser, do not use your finger.

To calibrate the control panel, perform the following steps:

  • Power Off the device.
  • Hold down the # and C keys while powering ON the device.
  • Release keys when a small square appears at the upper left corner as shown below.
  • Touch the small square using an eraser.

NOTE: Touch the small square in the upper left corner only once. The dot will not disappear when touched. As soon as the square in the upper left corner is touched, another square appears at the lower right corner. Both squares will be shown at the LCD screen.

  • Touch the small square at the lower right corner using an eraser.
  • At this point, calibration is complete, and the device will continue booting up.



NOTE: If the device boots up just by touching the first square from the upper left corner, then the control panel will not be calibrated and the entire procedure needs to be repeated until the device boots up only after the second dot from the right corner has been touched.