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How to setup XAMPP on windows

How to setup/install apache (XAMPP) on windows

XAMPP is probably the simplest and Fastest way to get Apache installed on your Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and 7 system. XAMPP contains: Apache, MySQL, PHP + PEAR, Perl, mod_php, mod_perl, mod_ssl, OpenSSL, phpMyAdmin, Webalizer, Mercury Mail Transport System It will run on any Win32 Systems,

Step 1: Download XAMPP Here:

Step 2: Run the Installer, it is an extremely simple insall process, Default setup will be perfect 99% of the time


Step 3: After the installation, you can find the XAMPP control Utility under Start > Programs > XAMPP. One of the best things about XAMPP is the Control Panel that you can use to start/stop all server and also install/uninstall services. the Control panel looks like this.


Its literally that simple Apache is now up and running, After starting of Apache (and MySQL), go to the address http://localhost/ or in your browser and examine all of the XAMPP examples and tools.

What is where?

Configuration files

File (Directory) Usage
xamppapacheconfhttpd.conf The main configuration file for Apache. It’s including other files from the subdirectory “extra”.
xamppFileZillaFTPFileZilla Server.xml The configuration file for the FileZilla FTP server. It’s configured with the application “FileZilla Server Interface.exe” (button “Admin” in CP).
xamppMercuryMailmercury.ini The configuration file for the Mercury SMTP server. It’s configured with the application “mercury.exe” (button “Admin” in CP).
mysqlbinmy.ini The configuration file for the MySQL Server.
xamppphpphp.ini The configuration file for PHP. The configuration file for phpMyAdmin.
xamppsendmailsendmail.ini The configuration file for msmtp (sendmail compatible interface).
xamppwebalizerwebalizer.conf The configuration file for the Webalizer.


File (Directory) Usage
xamppapachelogserror.log The error log from Apache. Additional files can be in the same directory (if enabled).
xamppFileZillaFTPLogs The logfiles from FileZilla FTP server (if enabled).
xamppMercuryMailLOGS In subdirectories of this files are the logfiles from the several Mercury SMTP server modules.
xamppmysqldatamysql.err The error log from MySQL. Additional files can be in the same directory (if enabled).
xamppsendmailsendmail.log The logfile from msmtp (sendmail compatible interface).

Common directories

File (Directory) Usage
xamppanonymous Download directory for anonymous FTP access.
xamppcgi-bin For the CGI scripts.
xampphtdocs There are the files from your homepage.
xamppMercuryMailMAIL The mail postboxes.
xamppmysqldata The databases.
xamppwebdav The directory for WebDAV access (if enabled).