How to mine neoxa (NEOX) on Windows

What is NEOXA

Neoxa is a Brand new mine-able coin that miners and gamers will appreciate. there is a Total Supply of 21,000,000,000. where you get rewarded for mining as well as playing and developing games.

Neoxa is currently only available with game play on Rust.

With Neoxa Proof of Game, you will be able to earn Neoxa by playing games such as Minecraft, Roblox, Rust and others in the future.

How to mine Neoxa with Windows

Selecting a Pool

Make your way over to Neoxa (NEOX) KawPow | Mining Pools ( and have a look at the current operating pools, I have personally tried all of them and have had the most reliability with Rplant pool

Download the Miner

Download the BZminer client, at the time of writing the latest release is 9.2.1
Release BzMiner v9.2.1 · bzminer/bzminer · GitHub
Once downloaded extract the contents of the ZIP file to a location like c:\temp

Configure the batch file

open windows explorer and browse to “C:\Temp\bzminer_v9.2.1_windows”
right click the “rvn.bat” and copy

Neoxa batch file copy

Then right click and paste in the same folder to create a copy.

Neoxa batch file create

Right click “rvn – Copy” and click rename, change the name to “neoxa”

Neoxa batch file rename

Once the batch file is renamed, right click neoxa.bat and click edit.

NEOXA Batch file edit

Remove everything currently in the file and paste the sample below if you are mining to EU

@echo off

:: mine to
bzminer -a kawpow -w GQ1PnNgwLaXSXTsrfFRVHTu9dgKFBvHnbW.TT -p stratum+tcp://

Important changes:

  • Change the wallet address to your own QT Wallet address in green, do not mine to an exchange wallet.
  • Change the worker name to anything you want that describes the rig, recommend less than 6 characters. Rig001 or 3080TI
  • If you are from Asia change the server address in yellow to
  • if you are in Americas, change the server address in yellow to

How to check your stats on the Pool.

browse to Rplant pool
Click “neoxa” in the left hand menu
once the neoxa pool loads enter your wallet address in the search bar and hit enter

NEOXA Wallet Search

You will then be taken to your mining stats, accessible via a tab in the same view.
if the tab vanishes simply search again and it will be available again.

Where to liquidate NEOXA (NEOX) tokens

I personally use TXBIT however more exchanges are being added in the future.

to liquidate your tokens simply send your tokens from your QT wallet and send them to the txbit exchange where you can currently sell to USDT – more pairs are apparently in the pipeline.

How to generate a NEOX address with TXBIT

login to TXBIT, and click wallets on the top menu.

Search for NEOX in the search bar and click Deposit

Neoxa deposit address

On the next screen click Generate address

Neoxa generate address

Once the address is generated you can simply click the copy address and paste it in the QT wallet receiving address when sending tokens.