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How to configure APC UPS to connect with NUT and Home Assistant

Home Assistant Network UPS tools (NUT) provide a very easy way to configure the UPS via SNMP

Install the Hassio NUT add-in via the Supervisor: 15

here is my config. Just set the port to the IP address of your UPS network address and set your own username and password for the HA integration. username and password can be anything and has no bearing on how it connects to your UPS’s

nut config
  - username: UPSUser
    password: UPSPass!
      - all
    actions: []
  - name: ups1
    driver: snmp-ups
    port: 192.168.1.x
    config: []
  - name: ups2
    driver: snmp-ups
    port: 192.168.1.x
    config: []
mode: netserver
shutdown_host: 'true'

Then install the NUT integration as per the instructions:

APC UPS SNMP V1 Config for NUT (Network UPS Tools)

Enable SNMP v1

Configuration > Network > SNMPv1 > Access

Tick enable and click apply.

Set the first profile UPS access control for SNMP v1 is in a profile to Public and NMS IP to, set Access type to Read

apc SNMPV1 Settings
Click Apply

You simply need to log off to reboot the NMC, a reboot is required after enabling SNMP.