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Generate QR code from RSA SDTID file

How to generate a QR code using TokenConverter.jar with a standards software Token in the .SDTID file format.

Some android and iphone devices are unable to import a .sdtid file emailed to the users device. a quick workaround to this is to generate and scan a QR Code.

  1. Download the TokenConverter app from here
  2. Once downloaded browse to the download location
  3. Extract Zip file and open the TokenConverter folder.
  4. From the RSA Enterprise console, follow the standard Soft token process.
  5. Once you have generated and downloaded the .sdtid file from the RSA console
  6. Save the .sdtid file to the same folder as the TokenConverter.jar file.
  7. If not already done, browse to the location where you extracted the TokenConverter App
  8. Hold down shift and right click in a blank space > Click “open command window here”

When the command prompt opens you will need to run the TokenConverter.jar command with the command below. Once the command has run the QR Code Jpeg will be saved to the location specified in <filename>

java -jar TokenConverter.jar <token_file> <-android |-ios|-winphone> -d 5 -o <destination_filename> -qr


If you receive an error:
The system cannot find the file C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\java.exe.

You will need to manually specify the location of the Java Exe by adding the full path to the java.exe as shown below.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\<Java Version>\bin\java.exe” -jar TokenConverter.jar <token_file> <-android |-ios|-winphone> -d 5 -o <filename> -qr

*Don’t forget the “ “ inverted commas if there is a space in the filename.


The user below we will call her has an Android device which she is experiencing issues and unable to import a token file which was emailed to her following the standard process.

as a workaround to generate the QR Code JPEG file we would run the command below and then Email the QR Code JPEG to the user instead. The user will then be able to import the Token using the QR Code option within the RSA Application on her mobile device.

java.exe -jar TokenConverter.jar User.Name_000233000074.sdtid -android -d 5 -o c:\temp\User.Name_QR_code.jpg –qr