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Fully Reset Users Windows Profile

Fully Reset Users Windows Profile

Sometime the only fix is to do a full reset of the user’s profile, Iv seen this mainly with Offline file and folder sync issues, random app issues or general issues where it works when logged on as another user but won’t work as the current user.

  1. Log on as local Administrator or an account with Admin rights (Must be different from the account you are trying to reset.)** Ensure that you made a backup of the users profile folder which you are recreating.
  2. Click start type regedit and hit enter.
  3. Once Regedit is open, lookup HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. You can confirm you have the correct profile, by clicking once on the profiles in the left pane and check the ProfileImagePath key. It should match the users profile you are resetting.
  4. Once you have the correct Profile ID, Delete it.
  5. Open explorer and browse to C:\Users, Rename the users folder to .old i.e. User.Name.old
  6. Reboot the machine and when the user logs on they will have a completely fresh windows profile.

Restore User data.

Once the user has logged on you can restore the data by copying the information from the .old profile folder across to the new folder.

Be aware of the amount of available space on the user’s machine as this technique will use up a bit more space.