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Foxit Adobe Acrobat Alternative Free

Foxit Adobe Acrobat Alternative Free

PDF is one of the most trusted and advanced way documentation. In PF, you get lot many options which are not there in Word. The most important thing is compatibility. You can open any PDF document on any computer using a reader. Since PDF reader “Adobe Acrobat” is bit bulky in size and takes much space, here is another reader for PDFs which is light in weight i.e. less bulky and really open faster than Acrobat. Yes, It is free.

Foxit Reader is a free PDF reader for windows, Linux. Here is the Download Link for Windows and Linux.

Download Foxit Reader for Windows
Download Foxit Reader for Linux

Advantages of using Foxit

  • Minimal Memory Consumption (less than 15 MB)
  • Extremely Small in Size
  • Fast – Open a PDF in less than 3 seconds
  • On-Screen dictionary Integration

In case you want to have a quick reader for PDF files, then you can download and install Foxit Reader which is amazingly fast and light weight.