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How To Flash Files In ODIN & Factory Reset Samsung Note 3 and Note 4

For those who haven’t used ODIN, the process can seem a bit daunting. Follow these steps to make flashing files via ODIN painless…

Reasons To Use This Tutorial 

  1. Return your device to OEM Stock for warranty return
  2. Flash latest OTA Leak or revert firmware (ie; MJE, NC2, etc)
  3. Completely wipe device prior to Gumtree or OLX sale
  4. Return device to stock
  5. You’re a bored with nothing better to do

* * * What you do with your device is completely your choice and solely your responsibility! – If You READ These Instructions FIRST, THEN Follow Them, You Will Be Up And Running In No Time* * * 

Step 1

  1. On PC, go to CONTROL PANEL > Install/Uninstall Programs > uninstall ALL Samsung drivers
  2. Download & Install The Following To Your PC
  3. Samsung USB drivers (click “see all downloads”)
  4. ODIN (latest version)
  5. Note 3: Download here (Only use the one that matches your device and region)
  6. Note 4: Download Here (Only use the one that matches your device and region)


Step 2

Flash File In ODIN

  1. Power down your device (remove sdcard – not required but recommended)
  2. Simultaneously press and hold VOL DOWN + HOME BUTTON + POWER BUTTON
  3. At *Warning* screen, press VOL UP
  4. Start ODIN on PC
  5. Connect your device to its USB cable and plug cable into PC
  6. WAIT for ODIN to populate the COM box (pic 1)
  7. Verify that “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” are CHECKED
  8. Click “AP” button (PDA if older Odin)
  9. Browse PC and insert file to be flashed (MD5 tar file)
  10. WAIT for “START” button (pic 4) to be enabled (may take a minute)
  11. Click START button to begin file install
  12. Disconnect USB when download is finished (device might auto reboot)