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Enable Send As in Active Directory

How to Grant Send As access to a user

This is a quick guide to grant Send As permission to a user on a distribution list, this is so that receiver would see that the reply address is that of the ”distribution list” and not the user who sent the mail. If the recipient would then reply, the distribution list would recieve the reply.

  1. Start ”Active directory users and computers, and search for the Group that you want to grant ”send as” rights for a user.
  2. Right Click on the Selected group and click Properties
  3. Click on the security tab.
  4. Click ‘Add’ then type the User’s name you want to grant send as rights and click ‘Check Name’,
  5. When the permissions pop up check the ‘Send As’ then click ‘apply’ then ‘ok’.

Changing the From address in outlook.

Once the permissions are done in AD the user then needs to change the from address when sending mails if he or she needs to send as the distribution list. This can be done by.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click new mail.
  3. Click on the From button (Just next to the send button)
  4. Enter the distribution list name or email address
  5. Click Ok.

The user will now be able to select the distribution list by clicking the from button again and selecting the distribution list from the drop down.