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IT Employee Confidentiality Agreement Template

IT Employee Confidentiality AgreementIT Support Employee Confidentiality Agreement template*

The overall benefit of a confidentiality agreement is to protect proprietary information of a business by restricting an employee or client from sharing that information with anyone. As most IT employees have the administrative rights to users files, network locations and systems, it is vital that all IT staff are under some form of confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement. The confidentiality agreement is generally signed when the IT employment begins working with the company but it can also be signed at the start of a particular project or phase of work. It may be used in both employee and independent contractor situations.

In many cases, the confidentiality agreement for an employee may extend outside of the IT employees employment with the company, generally for one to three years following termination of employment relationship. This basically protects the company from a disgruntled employee leaving the business and turning to a competitor with protected or privileged information and in effect, using it against the original employer.

* I am by no means a Legal or HR specialist so please check with your local HR and Legal teams prior to issuing this to your employees.

Template Start:


[COMPANY NAME] IT Support Employee Confidentiality Agreement


To perform their job duties in support of the [COMPANY NAME]’s day to day operation and employees [SUPPORT ROLE] are frequently provided privileged access to the information systems that they support and to the data and records managed by those systems.  Privileged access imposes upon the [SUPPORT ROLE] a responsibility and obligation to use that access in an ethical, professional, and legal manner that is strictly in line with [COMPANY NAME] acceptable use policies. [COMPANY NAME] of companies is committed to advancing the ethical and responsible use of all information resources and does not tolerate illegal, dishonest, improper, or irresponsible use.


I ___________________________, Agree that In exchange for the elevated access privileges and rights afforded to me as an IT support engineer, I agree to abide by the following performance standards:

  1. To take every reasonable precaution to prevent unnecessary or unauthorized access to any passwords, user identifications, or other information that may be used to access information systems, whether those systems belong to the [COMPANY NAME], Its users or to 3rd party systems.
  2. To treat all information encountered in the performance of my duties as confidential unless and until advised otherwise by my regional desktop support manager.
  3. To avoid any sharing, recording, transmission, alteration, or deletion of information in the information systems except as approved by current IT policies and processes.
  4. Refrain from gaining or giving access to any locations, personal data or mailboxes other than my own without the express approval from the IT Security team.
  5. Ensure no data is copied or transferred outside of [COMPANY NAME] network or any removable media without approval from the IT Security team.
  6. Avoid any saving, copying, pasting, sharing or distributing any [COMPANY NAME] access documents, URL’s, usernames and or passwords.
  7. To strictly comply with all [COMPANY NAME] policies related to the use and security of the [COMPANY NAME]’s information resources.
  8. Not verbally discus any IT sensitive IT information, usernames and or passwords with anyone, this includes fellow IT Support staff.
  9. To seek guidance from my supervisor whenever I am unsure of the correct decision regarding the appropriate use and confidentiality of information, and to do so BEFORE I take any action that might compromise that use or confidentiality.
  10. To report any incidents of non-compliance with the terms of this agreement to my supervisor.

I understand that this agreement applies to the entire [COMPANY NAME]’s network, all electronic systems owned or operated by the [COMPANY NAME], whether or not they are connected to that network, as well as to all my privately owned electronic equipment while on [COMPANY NAME] premises.

I further understand that [COMPANY NAME] considers violation of these standards to be a serious offense, and that if I violate this agreement I may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of my employment with the [COMPANY NAME].
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