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Disable Shut Down Restart and Stand by on a Windows machine

Disable Shut Down, Restart and Stand by button on a Windows machine

This is useful for machines which are e.g. in a Meeting Room and always need to be on,

  • Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe) in Run under Start Menu
  • Navigate to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer and to
  • In both these locations create or modify the Dword value ‘NoClose’ & set it to 1. This will prevent windows from shutting down
  • If you want windows to get shut down again then set the above value to 0
  • Go to: Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy
  • Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options > Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without having to log on: Disabled


If you still want to Shut down or Restart the computer do it with the shutdown command:

Usage: shutdown [-s | -r] -s Shutdown the computer -r Shutdown and restart the computer