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ControlGuard Agent Removal Using the MSI

ControlGuard Agent (CGAgent.exe) Removal Using the MSI

Step 1 – On your ControlGuard server Generate a universal machine password (valid for 7 days) using the RemoveAgentPasswordGen.exe. (See Zip File below)

open a Command Prompt
Run “C:Program FilesControlGuardEAMRemoveAgentPasswordGen.exe” ComputerName

Copy and Paste the Uninstall Password into a text file in a temporary location. You should then copy this into the clipboard before running the MSI package uninstall.

Step 2 – Log into the computer that you want to uninstall ControlGuard from. Ensure that all applications are closed then run.
Setup.exe (See Zip File below)

Select “Ok”

Select “Next”

Select “Remove” then select “Next”


Click on the Password Prompt and Hold Ctrl + V to Paste the Uninstall Password


Select “Remove”

Step 3 – To ensure that ControlGuard is not rolled out via Group Policies, (Ensure you follow these steps with your machine off the network)

Creat a folder under “C:WINDOWSsystem32” called “WhatsIn” once the folder has been created edit the folder permissions and remove all permission (Effectivly Locking the folder out to all users)

To Download the ControlGuard Removal Tools download Here