Category: Scripting

Message Tracking with Powershell

With the Exchange Management Shell you should be able to run the below command to perform message tracking with Powershell and obtain a list in .csv format which will show you any email that match your search criteria. The message tracking logs on the hub transport servers retain the information for 30 days, therefore you Read More

Audit users with a batch file

Audit users Logon/logoff as well as Startup/Shutdown with batch file Here are four simple Batch files you can use to audit your users logon/logoff as well as startup/shutdown activity. to install simply create the following four batch files. you can either use the startup folder in windows if you dont use Active Directory or I Read More

Quick Simple Reliable backup using Robocopy

Quick Simple and Reliable backup using Robocopy Robocopy (Robust File Copy) is a command-line file copying tool in Windows Vista. Although Robocopy is available for free with the download Windows Resource Kit (Click here to download) since Windows NT 4.0, it has never been an official feature of the operating system until the arrival of Read More

How to Setup Email Signature with logon script

This is a simple how to on ensuring your users email signatures are all standard (Under your Control) its a small vb script that defines variables from the active directory then uses a macro style operation to generate the signature. Here is the script. On Error Resume Next Set objSysInfo = CreateObject(“ADSystemInfo”) Set WshShell = Read More