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45 Useful USSD Codes MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, Cell-C

A USSD codes allow users to access various services, such as menu-type applications using short codes usually start with * and end with # and can be typed into any cell phone to call up a specific action Vodacom USSD Code Description *136# Airtime balance *135# Master USSD menu *135# Check WASP subscriptions *#06# View Read More

List of useful Blackberry Shortcut Keys

List of useful Blackberry Shortcut Keys Blackberry Message shortcuts In a message Depending on the typing input language that you are using, some shortcuts might not be available. To reply to a message, press R. To reply to all in an email message or a PIN message, press L. To forward a message, press F. Read More

Reduce Smartphone Roaming charges – Blackberry

Reduce Smartphone Roaming charges Reducing Smartphone roaming charges, is often ignored by users. especially blackberry users as most long time BB users are used to flat monthly data fees. Since BES10 however data is charged per megabyte and it’s become very important to educate these users on how to minimize roaming charges. All Smartphones are automatically Read More

BlackBerry Internet E-mail setup via your BlackBerry

To set up BlackBerry Internet E-mail via your BlackBerry, perform the following steps: Verify that your BlackBerry handheld is connected to the wireless network and is displaying uppercase GPRS in the top right corner. If your device is not displaying uppercase GPRS, go to BlackBerry Internet E-Mail Management and Troubleshooting. From the BlackBerry handheld Home Read More

Enable Two-step verification for Apple ID

Two-step verification for Apple ID. The only real way to truly secure your accounts these days are by using a two-step authentication method. If you are not sure what two-step authentication or verification is, its the same thing that banks have been doing for years. What is Two-Step Verification Two-step verification is a process involving two Read More

Transfer blackberry contacts to iPhone

1- On your blackberry, go to: and download and install the application “Blackberry Sync”. you can also find this in the “blackberry apps world” 2- after installation is completed. run this application, Enter user’s gmail account, and click Sync now. 3- Wait untill all contact uploaded in gmail. note that, these contacts will be Read More

How to perform a system level factory reset of a Samsung Note 3 or Note 4

PERFORM A FACTORY RESET WIPING ENTIRE PHONE This should return your device to “out-of-the-box” newness (remove ext SDcard) Turn off device Simultaneously hold VOL UP, HOME, POWER Release POWER when you see the Note logo Release VOL UP & HOME when you see the System Recovery screen VOL UP after warning Using VOL DOWN choose WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET Select using POWER button Using VOL DOWN choose “Delete ALL User Data” Read More

Blackberry HTTP error 413

Blackberry Enterprise Server – Blackberry HTTP error 413 request entity too large is received when attempting to browse to a web page using the BlackBerry Browser For BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.1 Simply follow these steps. Open BlackBerry Manager on the enterprise server. On the left pane, click MDS-CS service. On the right pane, click Edit Read More

Really reset a blackberry to factory defaults

How to do a real Factory Defaults Reset on a Blackberry Probably the only tool you will ever need to reset your blackberry to factory defaults is JL_Cmder, This handy little tool is a Java based app which allows you to do the low-level reset required in order to remove IT policies. You can even Read More

Setup Guide for Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES / BESX)

During the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express installation process, you must restart the computer. Note: To administer the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, you must install the BlackBerry Administration Service. You can install the BlackBerry Administration Service on the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express or on a separate computer. You must install the BlackBerry Read More

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