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PGP Drive Encryption Problem Lenovo X220

PGP Drive Encryption Problem Lenovo X220 Newer Lenovo x220 laptops come with an updated BIOS version which is not compatible with PGP 9. If you encrypt the laptop using PGP9, after reboot, the PC it tries to load the PGP GUI where you enter the password and then gives following message on a black screen: Loading stage2 PGPWDE disk Read More

Unable to browse network shares via VPN

Unable to browse network shares via VPN Iv been getting a few requests with help on a problem that users are unable to browse network shares while connected to VPN. Network file sharing and printing require NetBIOS name resolution. The chances are that NetBIOS over TCP IP is disabled. To resolve this issue, change the Read More

ControlGuard Agent Removal Using the MSI

ControlGuard Agent (CGAgent.exe) Removal Using the MSI Step 1 – On your ControlGuard server Generate a universal machine password (valid for 7 days) using the RemoveAgentPasswordGen.exe. (See Zip File below) open a Command Prompt Run “C:Program FilesControlGuardEAMRemoveAgentPasswordGen.exe” ComputerName Copy and Paste the Uninstall Password into a text file in a temporary location. You should then copy Read More

Message Tracking with Powershell

With the Exchange Management Shell you should be able to run the below command to perform message tracking with Powershell and obtain a list in .csv format which will show you any email that match your search criteria. The message tracking logs on the hub transport servers retain the information for 30 days, therefore you Read More

Blackberry HTTP error 413

Blackberry Enterprise Server – Blackberry HTTP error 413 request entity too large is received when attempting to browse to a web page using the BlackBerry Browser For BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.1 Simply follow these steps. Open BlackBerry Manager on the enterprise server. On the left pane, click MDS-CS service. On the right pane, click Edit Read More

Audit users with a batch file

Audit users Logon/logoff as well as Startup/Shutdown with batch file Here are four simple Batch files you can use to audit your users logon/logoff as well as startup/shutdown activity. to install simply create the following four batch files. you can either use the startup folder in windows if you dont use Active Directory or I Read More

IIS7 restart an Web site / recycle app pool

IIS7 how to restart an individual Web site or recycle app pool. When you use the iisreset command in IIS 7.0, the IIS Admin Service, the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS), and the World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW Service) are stopped and restarted. You should avoid using iisreset unless absolutely necessary, because the Web Read More

How to Setup Email Signature with logon script

This is a simple how to on ensuring your users email signatures are all standard (Under your Control) its a small vb script that defines variables from the active directory then uses a macro style operation to generate the signature. Here is the script. On Error Resume Next Set objSysInfo = CreateObject(“ADSystemInfo”) Set WshShell = Read More

Setup Guide for Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES / BESX)

During the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express installation process, you must restart the computer. Note: To administer the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, you must install the BlackBerry Administration Service. You can install the BlackBerry Administration Service on the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express or on a separate computer. You must install the BlackBerry Read More

Generate QR code from RSA SDTID file

How to generate a QR code using TokenConverter.jar with a standards software Token in the .SDTID file format. Some android and iphone devices are unable to import a .sdtid file emailed to the users device. a quick workaround to this is to generate and scan a QR Code. Download the TokenConverter app from here Once downloaded browse Read More