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Avaya Site Administrator commands

Avaya Site Administrator commands

To make changes to basic Extensions

Change Station 0000 (Where 0000 is the extension number)

Show a list of extensions between two ranges

List Station ext 0000 to-ext 0000  (Where 0000 is the extension number)

To view or change coverages

Change Coverage Path 000 (Where 000 is the Coverage Path Number)

Change Coverage Remote 0 (Where 0 is the Cov Rem Table for entried 1 to 1000)

Change coverage time-of-day 00 (Where 00 is the number of time of day table)

Change inc-call-handling-trmt trunk-group 200 (Linking of DDI to Extensin Range.)

Create Vector Dial Number:

Take empty extension

create VDN 0000  (Where 0000 is the extension number )

Enter Meeting Exchange Name

Destination: Vector Number – 00

List VDN (to list Vector Dial Numbers.)

Change VDN 0000 (Where 0000 is the VDN number )

List Trace station 0000 via Avaya Emulator  to check a call in action.