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Avaya EC500 Concepts / Setup with Gedi

Avaya EC500 Concepts / Setup

What is EC500

Extension to Cellular (EC-500) is a feature that allows users to control how they receive the calls that come to their Avaya desk telephone. By enabling the EC-500 feature, calls can ring on the users’ desk telephone and on their cellular telephone simultaneously. The user can then choose which device they wish to use for answering the call. Additionally, the user can choose to seamlessly transfer calls between the two devices.

For Example, when a call arrives on a users Avaya phone. The Avaya phone will use a second line and call the users predefined mobile number. When the user answers the mobile phone, the Avaya phone will merge the two lines and keep the call active. The advantage is that when a user receives a call on the mobile and starts talking the Avaya phone office phone holds the conversation so the user can just press the line button on their Avaya phone when back at their desk and continue the conversation seamlessly.

By the same token, when the user want to leave the office and they have an ongoing call on their Avaya phone, they only need to press the EC500 button, and answer the call on their mobile. The call will still be active but now it’s active and “merged” on the users mobile phone.

Setting up of a user on EC500 involves two processes, 1st is the linking of the users mobile number to their extension using Gedi, and the 2nd being to enable the EC500 Button on the users Extension be editing the station.

EC500 Setup using Gedi

Open Avaya Site Administration

Click on Start Gedi

Type change off-pbx-telephone station 00000 where 00000 is the extension for which you are configuring the EC500 feature.

Screenshot 1
Step 1 of EC500 Setup using Gedi

On the next view enter the following details:
– Station Extension: This will be pre-populated
– Application: EC500
– Dial Prefix: 0
– Phone number: Rest of mobile number but without the first.
– Trunk Selection: ars (Must be on lower case)
– Configuration Set: 1

Screenshot 2
Step 2 of EC500 Setup using Gedi

Press F3 to save.

 Extension Configuration

Type Change Station 00000 where 00000 is the extension we configured above.

Ensure the Button Assignments are setup correctly as per your standard configuration, open the appropriate tab to show the current feature buttons find any available (Blank) Feature button assignment field and enter ec500

Screenshot 3
EC500 Setup of extension screenshot

Press F3 or the Enter Button and you are done.