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Changing Windows 8 power plans

Some basic steps to change Windows 8 Power plans Changing Windows 8 power plan and its related settings can be very effective in ensuring you system is running well yet still saving you money with excess power usage. Here are a few steps to help with selecting a power plan in Windows. Windows 8 may seem very strange at first but all the settings are there “Somewhere” and almost all are only a quick search charm away. Top Tip: The easiest way to get what you need in windows 8, is the search charm. To select an appropriate power plan for your laptop or PC, At the Start screen, type power options to open the Search charm. Select P

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Troubleshooting Random Reboots

Troubleshooting a Random reboot or shutdown can be very frustrating, Sometimes you will see your computer getting restarted or shutdown automatically without any warning. This is a frustrating scenario when you are working on some important stuff and your computer restarts without any notice. Of course this is an improper restart or shutdown and may damage your computer’s hardware like Hard Disk or may damage your Operating System like Windows. This is a common problem in old computers specially PCs i.e. computers running on Windows OS. But there may be different reasons for this common problem. Here are some of the reasons which may ca

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