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Close All Running Applications Single Click

ever wanted to close All Running Applications Single Click If you are a pro computer user and lot many times you feel that so many applications are running on your computer. Lot many windows opened and these running applications and slowing down your PC. If you go ahead and close each of them one by one, it will involve around 15 – 20 clicks or more. Windows users can close all running applications on single click by using a very tiny application. Close All is a small utility developed by Ntwind Software which can close al running applications at one click. Close All doesn’t need any kind of installation on your computer. You just need

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MTN USSD Codes using MDMA

MTN USSD codes These are the MTN USSD codes to load and query data bundles and other options. This should alleviate the necessity to put the SIM in a regular phone for these actions. *141# – Balance Enquiry response format: “Y’ello. You have Rxx.xx airtime, xx.xxMB Data, xx MMS and xxx SMS (xx exp dd/mm) remaining.” *141*<PIN># – Recharge Request *141*4# – Tariff Analyser and Priceplan Migrations menu *141*4*0# – Tariff Analyser *141*4*<Price Plan Option># – Priceplan migration *141*6*<BundleSize># – Data bundle purchase *141*6*0# – Data bundle cancellation *141*63

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Changing Power plans in Windows 7

Some basic steps to change Windows 7 Power plans. Changing power plan and its related settings can be very effective in ensuring you system is running well yet still saving you money with excess power usage. Here are a few steps to help with selecting a power plan in Windows To select an appropriate power plan for your laptop or PC, Click Start, Control Panel, and then Click Hardware and Sound. Click Power Options. In the Select a power plan window, select the power plan you wish to use Close the Select a power plan window. A power plan is a collection of hardware and system settings that manage how your computer uses power. You can use po

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4 ways to speed up your PC

4 ways to speed up your PC By following a few simple guidelines, you can maintain your computer, help increase your PC speed, and help keep it running smoothly. This article discusses how to use the tools available in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Service Pack 3 to help make your computer faster, maintain your computer efficiently, and help safeguard your privacy when you’re online. Note: Some of the tools mentioned in this article require you to be logged on as an administrator. If you aren’t logged on as an administrator, you can only change settings that apply to your user account. Remove spyware, and help protect

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Search the Internet from Windows Start Menu

Search the Internet from Windows Start Menu The start menu search box is convenient way to search through PC – but you can also use this search box to perform double duty by making to search the internet from well within the Start menu search. To enable this log on with an administrator account and perform this: In the Start menu search box, type ‘gpedit.msc’ (without quotes) and press enter to run the Group Policy Editor. Go to User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Start Menu and Taskbar. Double click “Add search internet link to Start Menu”, and then from the screen that appears, select Enabled. Then click O

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Backup your computer automatically

Setting up Windows 7 Backup Even having a basic Backup in place can help make sure that your files are safe in the event of an emergency. With automatic backups, you don’t have to remember to back up your files. You can change your automatic backup settings (such as how often you back up, the type of storage you use, or the types of files you back up) when you want. To set up automatic backups Even If you have never used Windows Backup before you can still setup a reliable backup with the Windows Backup wizard, it automatically creates a schedule for you, which you can change and it also tells you what the status of the last backup wa

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Fully Reset Users Windows Profile

Fully Reset Users Windows Profile Sometime the only fix is to do a full reset of the user’s profile, Iv seen this mainly with Offline file and folder sync issues, random app issues or general issues where it works when logged on as another user but won’t work as the current user. Log on as local Administrator or an account with Admin rights (Must be different from the account you are trying to reset.)** Ensure that you made a backup of the users profile folder which you are recreating. Click start type regedit and hit enter. Once Regedit is open, lookup HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. You can confirm you 

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Troubleshooting Random Reboots

Troubleshooting a Random reboot or shutdown can be very frustrating, Sometimes you will see your computer getting restarted or shutdown automatically without any warning. This is a frustrating scenario when you are working on some important stuff and your computer restarts without any notice. Of course this is an improper restart or shutdown and may damage your computer’s hardware like Hard Disk or may damage your Operating System like Windows. This is a common problem in old computers specially PCs i.e. computers running on Windows OS. But there may be different reasons for this common problem. Here are some of the reasons which may ca

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Windows Fax and Scan Cannot Run

Windows Fax and Scan Cannor Run as it cannot run as it cannot access your documents folder. Please ensure that windows Fax and Scan can access that folder.   Step 1: Disable Windows Fax and Scan To turn a feature off in earlier versions of Windows, you had to uninstall it completely from your computer. In this version of Windows, the features remain stored on your hard disk so you can turn them back on if you want to. Turning off a feature does not uninstall the feature, and it does not reduce the amount of hard disk space used by Windows features. To turn Windows Fax and Scan off, follow these steps: Click the Start button , click Cont

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