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UPS Delivery Notification Tracking Number

If you receive an email with the following subject? and it has an .html attachment there is a good chance that it is a virus, the attachment is a very good copy of a DHL notification tempting you into clicking a link which installs some nasty stuff.     Subject: UPS Delivery Notification, Tracking Number AQ4QALSP4NJ3X7J50Y Sending address: Display Name: UPS Quantum View  

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Phishing Scams: How Phishing Scams Work

Phishing scams are just another attempt to get valuable information. Scammers send a mass email to every address they can find. Typically the message will appear to come from a legitimate institution or company. The email states that you should update or enter your information for one reason or another, and they usually provide a link that you can click to do so. This all sounds reasonable and it may look legitimate, but phishing scams are far form legitimate. The link provided takes you to a spoof website. Instead, you’ll be submitting your personal information to a website run by the scammers. Why Scammers Use Phishing Scams Why would

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