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Prevent Facebook & Twitter from being hacked

Steps to prevent you FACEBOOK account from being hacked! Recently, there has been a lot of fuss over facebook & twitter accounts getting hacked. I just thought of pointing out some important points to be kept in mind while dealing with this situation.90% of such incidents occur due to carelessness of people who tend to click on suspicious/unknown links. Well I don’t blame them as it is pretty tricky method and depends on how alert a person is. Definitely, by now many of you must have made it a habit to change your password frequently. If not, make it a practice starting from now. The most frequently used method used to hack accounts is

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Enable Two-step verification for Apple ID

Two-step verification for Apple ID. The only real way to truly secure your accounts these days are by using a two-step authentication method. If you are not sure what two-step authentication or verification is, its the same thing that banks have been doing for years. What is Two-Step Verification Two-step verification is a process involving two but independent stages to confirm the identity of the person trying to access a system or service. for example banks have been doing this for years where they give you standard username/password authentication to get access to the system there is a second step added to the process where once you ha

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