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Understanding the Cisco IOS File Name Convention

Cisco IOS naming conventions can seem a bit confusing, however to avoid bricking a device its important that you have a full understanding of the Cisco IOS naming conventions. Before planning an upgrade or install of an IOS file, it is very important that you check the name of each IOS file. The IOS file name is usually similar to this form 1. The xxxx is the platform. For example: c1005 – For 1005 platform c1600 – For 1600 platform c1700 – For 1700, 1720, and 1750 platforms c2500 – For 25xx, 3xxx, 5100, and AO (11.2 and later only) platforms c2600 – For 2600 platform c2800 – For Catalyst 2800 platform c29

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Fully Reset Users Windows Profile

Fully Reset Users Windows Profile Sometime the only fix is to do a full reset of the user’s profile, Iv seen this mainly with Offline file and folder sync issues, random app issues or general issues where it works when logged on as another user but won’t work as the current user. Log on as local Administrator or an account with Admin rights (Must be different from the account you are trying to reset.)** Ensure that you made a backup of the users profile folder which you are recreating. Click start type regedit and hit enter. Once Regedit is open, lookup HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. You can confirm you 

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UltraVNC Silent install and hidden tray icon

Here is a little handy How to on how to do I silent install of Ultra VNC via a logon script (Batch File) using a Modified UltraVNC Installation where the Tray Icon has been made transparent – The full Zip containing the Modified files can be found on the link at the bottom of the page. First lets start with the batch file, It’s really simple stuff, It basically just stops any existing winvncservice uninstalls then copies the modified files to Program files and starts the services after install. — Logon.bat ————————————————R

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