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Really reset a blackberry to factory defaults

How to do a real Factory Defaults Reset on a Blackberry Probably the only tool you will ever need to reset your blackberry to factory defaults is JL_Cmder, This handy little tool is a Java based app which allows you to do the low-level reset required in order to remove IT policies. You can even remove the devices OS all together, really handy for some Corrupt OS after failed update scenarios (507 Error) To do a full factory defaults reset on a blackberry: Download JL_Cmder v1.9.3 Here Connect your blackberry with the USB cable to your computer Extract the JL_Cmder to a directory Run the JL_Cmder.cmd Press Any key to continue. You will then

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How to perform a system level factory reset of a Samsung Note 3 or Note 4

PERFORM A FACTORY RESET WIPING ENTIRE PHONE This should return your device to “out-of-the-box” newness (remove ext SDcard) Turn off device Simultaneously hold VOL UP, HOME, POWER Release POWER when you see the Note logo Release VOL UP & HOME when you see the System Recovery screen VOL UP after warning Using VOL DOWN choose WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET Select using POWER button Using VOL DOWN choose “Delete ALL User Data” Select with POWER button Highlight REBOOT SYSTEM Select REBOOT SYSTEM NOW using POWER button

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