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Reduce Smartphone Roaming charges – Blackberry

Reduce Smartphone Roaming charges Reducing Smartphone roaming charges, is often ignored by users. especially blackberry users as most long time BB users are used to flat monthly data fees. Since BES10 however data is charged per megabyte and it’s become very important to educate these users on how to minimize roaming charges. All Smartphones are automatically “always on”, this means the device is constantly checking the internet for new mails, social app updates, etc. In the context of this notification (Blackberry), when a new email arrives, they are forwarded directly to your BlackBerry. When your BlackBerry receives the emai

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Transfer blackberry contacts to iPhone

1- On your blackberry, go to: www.google.com/mobile/sync and download and install the application “Blackberry Sync”. you can also find this in the “blackberry apps world” 2- after installation is completed. run this application, Enter user’s gmail account, and click Sync now. 3- Wait untill all contact uploaded in gmail. note that, these contacts will be merged with any existing contact in the gmail. 4- On your computer, go to www.google.com/contacts and make sure your Blackberry contacts are all there. 5- On your iPhone, go to Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Add Account->Microsoft Exchange. Enter g

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List of useful Blackberry Shortcut Keys

List of useful Blackberry Shortcut Keys Blackberry Message shortcuts In a message Depending on the typing input language that you are using, some shortcuts might not be available. To reply to a message, press R. To reply to all in an email message or a PIN message, press L. To forward a message, press F. To file a highlighted email message, press I. To view the email address of a contact, highlight the contact in the To or From field. Press Q. To view the display name, press Q again. To move to the last cursor position after you close and reopen a received email message or PIN message, press G. In a message list To open a highlighted m

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Really reset a blackberry to factory defaults

How to do a real Factory Defaults Reset on a Blackberry Probably the only tool you will ever need to reset your blackberry to factory defaults is JL_Cmder, This handy little tool is a Java based app which allows you to do the low-level reset required in order to remove IT policies. You can even remove the devices OS all together, really handy for some Corrupt OS after failed update scenarios (507 Error) To do a full factory defaults reset on a blackberry: Download JL_Cmder v1.9.3 Here Connect your blackberry with the USB cable to your computer Extract the JL_Cmder to a directory Run the JL_Cmder.cmd Press Any key to continue. You will then

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Blackberry HTTP error 413

Blackberry Enterprise Server – Blackberry HTTP error 413 request entity too large is received when attempting to browse to a web page using the BlackBerry Browser For BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.1 Simply follow these steps. Open BlackBerry Manager on the enterprise server. On the left pane, click MDS-CS service. On the right pane, click Edit Properties. In the General section, click Flow Control. Set the Maximum KB/Connection field to a value greater than the size of the page that is being requested. (15 to 20%)   Note: A restart of the MDS Connection Service may be required  for settings take effect.  

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Setup a Gmail account on Your Blackberry

Millions of users now rely on Gmail for their personal email needs, in some cases even in a professional context. Gmail has been in beta for quite a while now but don’t worry, this is a rock solid service. Great web based access, over 2gig of free storage, all the features you might need such as spell checker, html body, auto draft backup… When using email on your blackberry the whole point is to ensure your email is always synced, this way if you send a mail from your Blackberry the mail that was sent will be available via webmail or any other media you use to connect. This is my step by step to IMAP and enable seamless syncronisati

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