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Backup your computer automatically

Setting up Windows 7 Backup Even having a basic Backup in place can help make sure that your files are safe in the event of an emergency. With automatic backups, you don’t have to remember to back up your files. You can change your automatic backup settings (such as how often you back up, the type of storage you use, or the types of files you back up) when you want. To set up automatic backups Even If you have never used Windows Backup before you can still setup a reliable backup with the Windows Backup wizard, it automatically creates a schedule for you, which you can change and it also tells you what the status of the last backup wa

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Transfer blackberry contacts to iPhone

1- On your blackberry, go to: www.google.com/mobile/sync and download and install the application “Blackberry Sync”. you can also find this in the “blackberry apps world” 2- after installation is completed. run this application, Enter user’s gmail account, and click Sync now. 3- Wait untill all contact uploaded in gmail. note that, these contacts will be merged with any existing contact in the gmail. 4- On your computer, go to www.google.com/contacts and make sure your Blackberry contacts are all there. 5- On your iPhone, go to Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Add Account->Microsoft Exchange. Enter g

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Quick Simple Reliable backup using Robocopy

Quick Simple and Reliable backup using Robocopy Robocopy (Robust File Copy) is a command-line file copying tool in Windows Vista. Although Robocopy is available for free with the download Windows Resource Kit (Click here to download) since Windows NT 4.0, it has never been an official feature of the operating system until the arrival of Vista. Unlike other built-in file copying commands such as Copy and XCopy, Robocopy is designed for reliable copy or mirroring of entire folders of any size, and in the copying process, ensure that all NTFS ACLS, attributes, owner information, alternate data streams, auditing information, timestamps and proper

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Backup Facebook Profile Pictures

Simple steps to backup your Facebook profile pictures What if one day, Facebook accidently deleted or banned your account for some reason or another?  What if a new social network comes along, and Facebook got shut down?  What if you decided to close your Facebook account, but don’t want to lose all the data you’ve placed there?  These scenarios may be highly unlikely, but they are very possible indeed.  Everything you put on Facebook resides there.  All your status updates, links, photos, notes – everything.  So, just like it’s good practice to backup your hard disk, it’s also good practice to have a plan ready to backup Fac

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