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Avaya EC500 Concepts / Setup with Gedi

Avaya EC500 Concepts / Setup What is EC500 Extension to Cellular (EC-500) is a feature that allows users to control how they receive the calls that come to their Avaya desk telephone. By enabling the EC-500 feature, calls can ring on the users’ desk telephone and on their cellular telephone simultaneously. The user can then choose which device they wish to use for answering the call. Additionally, the user can choose to seamlessly transfer calls between the two devices. For Example, when a call arrives on a users Avaya phone. The Avaya phone will use a second line and call the users predefined mobile number. When the user answers the mobil

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Avaya Site Administrator commands

Avaya Site Administrator commands To make changes to basic Extensions Change Station 0000 (Where 0000 is the extension number) Show a list of extensions between two ranges List Station ext 0000 to-ext 0000  (Where 0000 is the extension number) To view or change coverages Change Coverage Path 000 (Where 000 is the Coverage Path Number) Change Coverage Remote 0 (Where 0 is the Cov Rem Table for entried 1 to 1000) Change coverage time-of-day 00 (Where 00 is the number of time of day table) Change inc-call-handling-trmt trunk-group 200 (Linking of DDI to Extensin Range.) Create Vector Dial Number: Take empty extension create VDN 0000  (Where 0

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