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How to find your google+ url

Finding your Google+ URL is really simple. Firstly Log in to Google+ (http://plus.google.com) Click on the “profile” tab to view your own profile: Then look at the URL in yout browser, it should look something like: https://plus.google.com/100702557265550860511/posts 4) That will be your Google+ URL.

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Prevent Facebook & Twitter from being hacked

Steps to prevent you FACEBOOK account from being hacked! Recently, there has been a lot of fuss over facebook & twitter accounts getting hacked. I just thought of pointing out some important points to be kept in mind while dealing with this situation.90% of such incidents occur due to carelessness of people who tend to click on suspicious/unknown links. Well I don’t blame them as it is pretty tricky method and depends on how alert a person is. Definitely, by now many of you must have made it a habit to change your password frequently. If not, make it a practice starting from now. The most frequently used method used to hack accounts is

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Backup Facebook Profile Pictures

Simple steps to backup your Facebook profile pictures What if one day, Facebook accidently deleted or banned your account for some reason or another?  What if a new social network comes along, and Facebook got shut down?  What if you decided to close your Facebook account, but don’t want to lose all the data you’ve placed there?  These scenarios may be highly unlikely, but they are very possible indeed.  Everything you put on Facebook resides there.  All your status updates, links, photos, notes – everything.  So, just like it’s good practice to backup your hard disk, it’s also good practice to have a plan ready to backup Fac

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Enable Facebook connector within Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook Social Connector for Facebook allows you to connect your Facebook account to the Outlook Social Connector and obtain information about your friends and colleagues. You can see status updates and recently posted items from your Facebook contacts. You can also use Outlook Social Connector to display a quick view of related Outlook content when you click on an email from a contact, such as recent e-mail conversations, meetings, and shared attachments to help you easily track your communications NOTE: The Microsoft Outlook Social Connector requires Microsoft Outlook Social Connector and the related update (KB983403) to be in

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