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Bitlocker Recovery Key via AD

Usage requirements To view recovery passwords, you must be a domain administrator, or you must have been delegated permissions by a domain administrator. In addition, to use the BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer, the following requirements must be met: The domain must be configured to store BitLocker recovery information. The computers protected by BitLocker must be joined to the domain. BitLocker Drive Encryption must have been enabled on the computers. Bitlocker Recovery Password viewer for Active Directory Retrieving a BitLocker key from Active Directory involves using the BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer for Active Directory Users a

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UPS Delivery Notification Tracking Number

If you receive an email with the following subject? and it has an .html attachment there is a good chance that it is a virus, the attachment is a very good copy of a DHL notification tempting you into clicking a link which installs some nasty stuff.     Subject: UPS Delivery Notification, Tracking Number AQ4QALSP4NJ3X7J50Y Sending address: auto-notify@ups.com Display Name: UPS Quantum View  

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Phishing Scams: How Phishing Scams Work

Phishing scams are just another attempt to get valuable information. Scammers send a mass email to every address they can find. Typically the message will appear to come from a legitimate institution or company. The email states that you should update or enter your information for one reason or another, and they usually provide a link that you can click to do so. This all sounds reasonable and it may look legitimate, but phishing scams are far form legitimate. The link provided takes you to a spoof website. Instead, you’ll be submitting your personal information to a website run by the scammers. Why Scammers Use Phishing Scams Why would

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ControlGuard Agent Removal Using the MSI

ControlGuard Agent (CGAgent.exe) Removal Using the MSI Step 1 – On your ControlGuard server Generate a universal machine password (valid for 7 days) using the RemoveAgentPasswordGen.exe. (See Zip File below) open a Command Prompt Run “C:Program FilesControlGuardEAMRemoveAgentPasswordGen.exe” ComputerName Copy and Paste the Uninstall Password into a text file in a temporary location. You should then copy this into the clipboard before running the MSI package uninstall. Step 2 – Log into the computer that you want to uninstall ControlGuard from. Ensure that all applications are closed then run. Setup.exe (See Zip File

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Enable Two-step verification for Apple ID

Two-step verification for Apple ID. The only real way to truly secure your accounts these days are by using a two-step authentication method. If you are not sure what two-step authentication or verification is, its the same thing that banks have been doing for years. What is Two-Step Verification Two-step verification is a process involving two but independent stages to confirm the identity of the person trying to access a system or service. for example banks have been doing this for years where they give you standard username/password authentication to get access to the system there is a second step added to the process where once you ha

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Steel Keylogger Record Computer Keystrokes

Steel Keylogger is a keylogger that is virtually invisible to all the common anti-virus software today, helping you keep it running stealthily. Also, it does not connect to the Internet so your data is safe. This program is a simple one and has no Web site, but the file is widely available on most torrent sites. Just search for Steel Keylogger and download the file. The downloaded program will include two files that are under 40 kilobytes, which makes the keylogger not only functional, safe but also small in size. There is no need to install Steel Keylogger onto your own system, thereby bypassing another concern most people have keyloggers: t

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