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Enable Two-step verification for Apple ID

Two-step verification for Apple ID. The only real way to truly secure your accounts these days are by using a two-step authentication method. If you are not sure what two-step authentication or verification is, its the same thing that banks have been doing for years. What is Two-Step Verification Two-step verification is a process involving two but independent stages to confirm the identity of the person trying to access a system or service. for example banks have been doing this for years where they give you standard username/password authentication to get access to the system there is a second step added to the process where once you ha

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Transfer blackberry contacts to iPhone

1- On your blackberry, go to: and download and install the application “Blackberry Sync”. you can also find this in the “blackberry apps world” 2- after installation is completed. run this application, Enter user’s gmail account, and click Sync now. 3- Wait untill all contact uploaded in gmail. note that, these contacts will be merged with any existing contact in the gmail. 4- On your computer, go to and make sure your Blackberry contacts are all there. 5- On your iPhone, go to Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Add Account->Microsoft Exchange. Enter g

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Generate QR code from RSA SDTID file

How to generate a QR code using TokenConverter.jar with a standards software Token in the .SDTID file format. Some android and iphone devices are unable to import a .sdtid file emailed to the users device. a quick workaround to this is to generate and scan a QR Code. Download the TokenConverter app from here Once downloaded browse to the download location Extract Zip file and open the TokenConverter folder. From the RSA Enterprise console, follow the standard Soft token process. Once you have generated and downloaded the .sdtid file from the RSA console Save the .sdtid file to the same folder as the TokenConverter.jar file. If not already

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