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The New User Setup Checklist template

The New User Setup Checklist Is probably one of the single most important documents in ensuring that all new users are setup in a consistent and thorough fashion, This in turn ensures that the user has faith in the IT team and in some way the user is made to feel welcome. There are a few key common sense points to be aware of is (1) No equipment should be sitting directly on the floor and (2) equipment should be setup in the “Non Working Area” wherever possible. The main reason for these two points are to mitigate some risk by (1) keeping equipment off the floor in the event of a small flood, Over excited office cleaner

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IT Document Template

IT Document Template (ITS Department or Desktop Support). We all know that IT engineers are not renowned for creating the most visually appealing support documentation. In order to give a good starting point Iv created a general document template. this will standardize and give a general look of structure to IT documents. The template can be used for almost any Document, Process, How to or guide. IT is not intended to be distributed to users directly however, the document would work as a formal policy document with a few minor changes. The document was designed to be used by ITS, IT, Service Desk and or Desktop Support departments, So al

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